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Data Science

Learn how to apply technology to real world data science problems and gain an in depth understanding of emerging technologies, statistical analysis and computational techniques.

Birkbeck 100 years at University of London

Birkbeck celebrates the 100th anniversary of joining the University of London by holding a lecture series

This year Birkbeck is celebrating the 100th anniversary of joining the University of London, one of the world’s most prestigious and best known higher education institutions.

Two chess pieces representing the European Union and the United Kingdom on a chess board symbolising Brexit

We are international

At the University of London we have a long tradition of welcoming students and staff from the European Union and across the world.

View of London city and river Thames

Member institutions

We are a federal University, consisting of a 17 independent member institutions. When studying with us you belong to a particular member institution as well.

Open your mind to the scientific study of human thought and behaviour


Our new psychology programme provides a more accessible way of earning a BSc in Psychology from anywhere in the world.

Get your head around our new BSc in Psychology

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