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Study with a local teaching centre

Our flexible approach to learning offers you a range of study options:

  • For many of our programmes, you may be able to study?with local teaching support at a Recognised Teaching Centre.
University of London
You can choose to study many of our programmes in a classroom environment at a teaching centre close to home.

Although there are some exceptions, most of our programmes are designed to be studied online, independently. If you prefer structured study support in a traditional learning environment, you can attend classes for many of our?programmes at a Recognised Teaching Centre.

We work with a network of teaching centres all over the world. These centres support and supplement your studies through: additional tuition, library resources, access to computers and social and recreational activities.

The University of London has updated the recognition framework for institutions teaching our degrees. Institutions which enter into an agreement with the University will be known as University of London Recognised Teaching Centres.

Choose a teaching centre that is right for you by using our checklist to help make your decision.

    We have a long track record of working with Recognised Teaching Centres worldwide that provide local support for your studies. This could be in the form of a full-time study programme, or part-time evening or weekend classes. Centres also provide library resources and access to computers. The larger centres may also offer social and recreational facilities.?

    Local Teaching Institute finder

    Choose a local teaching centre from the map or use the search bar to find one near you.

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